Spring Fever: Don’t Throw Caution To The Wind On Windows

Written by: Bobby Veit on May 3rd 2012
Spring Fever: Don’t Throw Caution To The Wind On Windows

It’s almost that time of year again — the season we all engage in the annual rituals of spring-cleaning. Window replacements are a popular home improvement for owners gearing their houses for the change of season, but there are several reasons to be cautious before making an investment that could take decades to pay back.

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First, window replacements can be very costly, with savings to your energy bill taking between 40 and 60 years to achieve  — that’s a long rate of return compared to other upgrades. It’s true that old windows can cause drafts and leak heat or air conditioning, but there are other steps you can take to seal your home that are less costly and, frankly, more efficient!

Second, windows typically take up a relatively small percentage of your wall space, so no matter how energy efficient the replacement windows are, they will not be as good of an investment as wall insulation. No matter how “energy efficient” the replacement windows are, they will never be able to stop the loss of warm or cool air.

Investments in insulation and air sealing are two cost-effective alternatives that will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Learn more about window replacements and the alternatives in this video where I speak with Christine, a North Castle resident, who is pursuing upgrades after completing her home energy assessment.

For those homeowners still interested in pursuing window replacements, you can look forward to several modern features including no maintenance costs, easier cleaning, increased comfort and long-term energy savings. Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, because energy efficiency may not be one of them!