Leading by Example

Written by: Bobby Veit on Apr 4th 2012
Leading by Example

66 community leaders from across Northern Westchester took the 'Lead By Example' Energize Pledge.  The pledge is a commitment to move forward in learning about their home’s energy waste as an important first step in helping your community reduce ghg emissions,  making our homes more comfortable and help reduce energy waste.   We thank them for their leadership!

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The Energize New York program is expanding to 13 Northern Westchester towns, offering valuable tools to help homeowners make their homes more comfortable and reduce energy use.  The savings from this program can add up to $52 million dollars a year!!!  And that’s money back in homeowner pockets to help fuel the local economy.  Community leaders are key to making our program work effectively.

These leaders will now get FREE comprehensive home energy assessments (and you can too).  This is a subsidized program through the State of New York, offering a great value to local homeowners.  A certified energy contractor will come to your home, and over a 3-4 hour period will perform extensive tests that include blower door and infrared lighting tools, identifying cracks and holes in your walls, attic and basement that lead to energy loss.  Most homes can expect to reduce their energy bills by around 30% by following up on recommendations from the customized report you will receive, which will lay out exactly where in your home you can expect to save and the most effective ways to do so.

Energize New York is here to help.  Log onto our website to get started at www.energizeny.org or call us at (914) 244-7210 for help.


Mayor Gary Warshauer signing the Energize Pledge