Energize NY Energy-Saving Services for Homeowners Launches in Three Mid-Hudson Communities

Written by: Alice Quinn on Feb 13th 2017



Homeowners in the Towns of Red Hook and Hyde Park and the City of Beacon will soon have the opportunity to participate in Energize NY’s energy-saving program, which has helped more than 1,200 homeowners in Westchester County achieve energy savings of 20 percent or more. The Town and City Boards of all three municipalities recently passed resolutions to become Energize communities. The villages of Red Hook and Tivoli also passed local support resolutions and are included in the Energize Red Hook program. Energize NY will officially launch its homeowner services in these three communities in the coming weeks.

Since 2011, Energize NY has helped homeowners obtain home energy assessments, select certified contractors to perform these assessments and make energy improvements, secure financing for energy improvements and maximize state incentives. As a result of this work, Energized homeowners in 14 Westchester communities are saving more than $2,000,000 annually. 

City of Beacon Mayor Randy Casale said, “...Energize NY will help homeowners navigate the often complicated process of addressing energy efficiency in their homes. Lower energy bills, reducing carbon emissions and having help throughout the process is a big win for the entire city.” 

As a local community-based program, each of the participating municipalities have identified one or more local organizations and individuals as community sponsors and Energize Champions who, with the professional support of Energize NY staff and partners, will help the program align community goals and values with the message of energy efficiency. Energize NY is working with the highly regarded Mid-Hudson Region affordable housing non-profit, RUPCO to support the three new Energize NY communities in Hyde Park, Red Hook and Beacon. Energize NY and RUPCO will provide marketing and outreach support, building science presentations, advice from an energy coach, direct homeowner support and other services at no cost. Michael Courtney, RUPCO employee and Energy Coach for the program said, "we are excited to partner with Energize NY and expand the ways we can help homeowners reduce their energy bills and have warmer and safer homes."

Red Hook Supervisor Robert McKeon said, “I thought it made sense to participate, and when the Red Hook Conservation Advisory Committee Chair Laurie Husted told me our CAC members would sponsor the program, it was a slam dunk. Red Hook homeowners will benefit and there is no cost to the town for the services we will receive. I see only upside to adopting the Energize program.”

Energize NY’s energy saving initiative for homeowners in the Mid-Hudson Valley is funded with support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

John Rhodes, President and CEO of NYSERDA, said, “These communities are advancing New York State's work to ensure a cleaner, more resilient and affordable energy future for all New Yorkers. A key component of the State's comprehensive energy strategy includes helping homeowners make more informed choices with energy efficient technologies." 

Hyde Park Supervisor Aileen Rohr commented, “When I received the offer from Energize NY, I was not sure how it worked. Luckily, town board member Emily Svenson knew about the program and when Energize presented to our CAC that sealed the deal,” she added. “Energize NY will be a win-win as both residents and the environment will benefit from this program”.

Homeowners can contact Energize NY by emailing info@energizeny.org. Alternatively, Red Hook andHyde Park homeowners can call Michael Courtney at 845- 331-2140 x260 and Beacon homeowners can call Alice Quinn at 914-302-7300 x8107.